Todd Sears

Founder and Principal

Out Leadership

Out Leadership was founded in 2011 by Todd Sears. Todd began his career as an investment banker on Wall Street, and later moved into private banking. In this role, he pioneered a new business strategy to engage the LGBT+ community around issues of equality and financial planning. At Merrill Lynch, he created the first national team of financial advisors dedicated to serving the LGBT+ community and brought in over $1.4 billion in assets in four years.

Following the success of his new strategy, Todd held a number of positions leading diversity and inclusion at Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. In 2011, when he left Credit Suisse to pursue his own entrepreneurial enterprise, Todd was able to fully embrace and explore the business opportunity within the LGBT+ community.

Thinking back to his model at Merrill Lynch, Todd formed Out on the Street, the first senior- leader summit around LBGT+ issues in the financial services industry. The event instantly attracted attention within the financial community, and in its second year four CEOs attended Out on the Street and spoke about how Wall Street could drive LGBT+ equality forward. In 2012 Todd launched Out in Law, to bring together the nation’s leading law firms around LGBT+ business issues. In 2015, Out Leadership was launched to consolidate his work in the LGBT+ business space.

Today, Out Leadership has expanded beyond the financial and legal sectors, and works with over 70 member companies from more than 10 different industries to hold summits on 5 continents. Over 300 CEO’s have spoken at Out Leadership events, and Out Leadership has become a global leader in the fight for LGBT+ equality.