Samara Ballen

Founder & Writer


Samara Ballen is a writer, tech enthusiast, animal welfare advocate, environmentalist, and LGBT+ activist from Brooklyn, NY. Having graduated from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business with her Bachelor of Science in International Business and Marketing, Samara joined her father at his 200-employee interior design/build firm in 2010.  

Quickly rising into leadership, she discovered an intrinsic understanding of human behaviorism that allowed her to successfully develop an array of technological solutions as well as create most of the company’s branding and marketing collateral as she prepared it for its next stage of growth.

Despite being next in line to be CEO, she left the corporate world in 2018 after her coming out experience drastically shook her worldview and gave her acute clarity on mainstream society’s often destructive influence on the LGBT+ community as well as the natural world.

Her site, Samplings, is home to colorful and unfiltered accounts of her journey in her unmistakably authentic voice, compelling insights and educational pieces, as well as resources for others in transition.

Beyond writing she’s taken up community leadership by way of facilitating support groups at The (LGBT+) Center in Manhattan, New York, and has recently become involved as a Role Model with the London-based online network for lesbian and bisexual women,