Rosanna Flamer-Caldera

Founder and Executive Director


Rosanna Flamer-Caldera was born in Sri Lanka and is from that country’s Burgher community. Rosanna served 2 terms as Co-Secretary General for the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Association (ILGA), is now the current Chairperson of the Commonwealth Equality Network and is also the Founder and Executive Director of EQUAL GROUND, Sri Lanka. LGBTIQ activism is both personal and professional for Rosanna. In 1999 Rosanna was a founding member of the Women’s Support Group, an organisation to assist Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgenders - the only one of its kind in Sri Lanka at the time. In 2004, she was a leading force in forming EQUAL GROUND the only mixed LGBTIQ organization pursuing LGBT rights as part of the larger Human Rights framework in Sri Lanka. In 2004-2005, in the aftermath of the devastating Tsunami in Sri Lanka, Rosanna initiated the drive to collect ‘Pink’ dollars to assist in the rehabilitations and reconstruction of several Tsunami affected communities – on the East and South coasts of Sri Lanka. In 2005 she co-authored a booklet entitled Human, Right? - a Human Rights Publication aimed at transforming the negative stereotyping of persons of different sexual orientations and gender identities and fostering a better understanding of LGBTIQ persons in Sri Lanka and abroad (also translated into Sinhala and Tamil) - the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. Since then she has edited and cowritten several informative ground breaking publications in Sri Lanka. She also initiated the first ever gay PRIDE event in Sri Lanka in 2005, which is now an annual celebration held each year (June) in Colombo. In 2013 PRIDE was taken to 5 rural districts of Sri Lanka for the first time. In 2014, Colombo PRIDE and EQUAL GROUND celebrated 10 years of active campaigning for the LGBTIQ community. Rosanna was elected as the 2007 Grand Marshall of Toronto Pride – a unique honour. She was a recipient of the Utopia Award (2005), Asia’s leading gay human rights award which recognizes individuals and organisations that have contributed to improving the quality of life for the gay, lesbian, and transgendered communities across the continent. More recently, Rosanna was awarded the Zonta Women of Achievement 2017 Award for Social Impact.