Robert Sharratt

Managing Director


Robert Sharratt is part-Canadian, part-British, somewhat autistic and lives in Geneva. He is going to create a better banking model, or die trying. His interests include mountain-climbing, chess, piano, programming and distrusting authority. In his early career, he was an M&A investment banker in London, then in private equity, and then moved to Switzerland to invest his own money. He holds an MSc degree in Finance from London Business School.

Most books about money or the 1% are written by academic economists or radical activists. These writers typically have something in common: they have never worked in a bank. They don't understand the inside technical details. Other commentators are only really familiar with financial markets, which do not involve money creation.

In this case, the author is a former banker. He has experience of making loans, building financial models, coding risk algorithms, and the management accounting used inside banks. This book reveals details of the banking process that have never been made public.

This work is being made available at minimal cost by the author in an effort to demonstrate the impact of the 1% and the banking system on society.

Robert is building a better banking model. It's open, transparent and fair at CrescoFin.