Rich Miles (He/Him)


The Diversity Standards Collective

Rich Miles is the CEO + Founder of The Diversity Standards Collective, an agency that connects agencies and brands to diverse people across the globe. This helps gain insight, validation and guidance on any internal comms or external content so that it is representative, authentic to, and respectful of all communities including ethnic groups. Rich therefore is at the forefront of promoting positive representation of all communities including ethnic groups, LGBTQIA+, gender, religion, disability and age. In the first year of The DSC they have worked with global mega brands such as Coca-cola, Amazon, Microsoft, Deliveroo, Ikea, Co-op and many more.

Aside from his company rich is a mentor to young LGBTQIA+ people within the industry, a public speaker and also created the worlds first non-binary Pronoun converter called ‘The Right Pronoun’ which is downloadable from the app store.