Oke Göttlich


FC St. Pauli

Oke Göttlich has a master's degree in sports economics and sports journalism and has been the president of the professional German football club FC St. Pauli (from Hamburg) since 2014. Besides, Oke is a pioneer of the European digital music scene. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the music industry and independent record label management and has founded the first European digital distributor and technology company finetunes in 2003.

Currently, Oke has been working as Managing Director Music of Zebralution, a digital music distributor, of which the GEMA is the majority shareholder. Furthermore, he is an investor in several startups and a member of the board of JOBLINGE, an initiative to make a visible and sustainable contribution to the fight against youth unemployment. He was chairman of the board of the Association of Independent Music Companies (VUT) and the global digital rights agency Merlin.