Dr Olivia Carlton OBE

Former Head of Occupational Health and Chief Medical Officer

Transport for London

Dr Olivia Carlton OBE is the former Head of Occupational Health and Chief Medical Officer for Transport for London. She led an award-winning department for more than 20 years, which focused on multidisciplinary services, active rehabilitation after illness and injury to enable return to work especially for musculoskeletal and mental health issues, sensible risk assessment of individuals and their working environment when assessing fitness for work and proactive health and well-being management.  Olivia and the team worked to embed good occupational health management into the day to day work of all people managers.

Olivia was elected to the role of President of the UK Faculty of Occupational Medicine. During her three years she considers her key achievement to have been her contribution to the creation of the National School for Occupational Health.  She was awarded an OBE in the Queens 90th Birthday Honours for services to Transport for London and Occupational Medicine.

Olivia realised that she was lesbian in her early 30s and took some time before she decided to come out at work. Her partner of 22 years, Caroline, died very suddenly in 2012. Olivia, having recently retired from Transport for London, is currently enjoying an extended gap year.