David Stuart

Substance Use Lead, GUM/HIV

56 Dean Street

For more than 15 years, David Stuart has been observing, campaigning, raising awareness and developing community and healthcare responses to what has come to be known internationally as ChemSex/PnP culture. David identified, named, defined and led the community and public health responses to ChemSex, on international fronts.

He has played a leading role in the development of London’s pioneering ChemSex support services Antidote, Club Drug Clinic and CODE clinic; he currently manages the ChemSex support programmes at 56 Dean Street sexual health clinic in London. David has been instrumental in placing ChemSex issues firmly on international Public Health agendas, and his sexual wellbeing and ChemSex support models of care have been adapted for use and applied in many dozens of cities around the world. He has been consulted by the governments and public health bodies of many countries across the Americas, Europe and Australasia, including the World Health Organisation/UNAIDS.

David created the European ChemSex Forum to support European Healthcare providers and communities to respond to international ChemSex trends and share good practice; the first of these was delivered in London in 2016 partnership with ReShape, GMFA and 56 Dean Street.

In addition to his management and practitioner roles, David is a researcher, policy-maker, educator, writer and lecturer on the issues of sexual wellbeing/culture, substance use and HIV.

David is also recognised for his work within communities, generating dialogue and community discussion around issues that challenge sexual wellbeing among modern gay communities. He does this by nurturing burgeoning activists and artists to use their mediums as social commentary, in theatre, photography, spoken word, written word, performance art and other artistic expression; all designed to inspire and engage populations in action and dialogue on topical and challenging psychosocial/psychosexual issues that impact sexual health, wellbeing and community. David has commissioned and produced two plays from playwright Patrick Cash; The Clinic, and The ChemSex Monologues (the latter of which has since enjoyed international successes). David and Patrick also launched the community event "Let's Talk About Gay Sex and Drugs", an open-mic evening where the community gathers, cabaret style, to see ChemSex issues explored through artistic expression. These events have been franchised out in various forms to other cities around the world. Other events include Sextroverts Comedy, where complex issues associated with gay mens sexual wellbeing is explored through stand-up comedy, and the ChemSex photography exhibition by Matt Spike.