Bisi Alimi

Executive Director

Bisi Alimi Foundation

Bisi Alimi is an “Angelic Troublemaker Incarnate.” He’s a public speaker, storyteller, television pundit, campaigner, actor, Vlogger and poet.  His expertise on Social Justice ranges from Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to Race and Race Relations, Feminism, Education and Poverty Alleviation. He has done a lot of work around “Intersexuality” and currently on a global Intersectionality tour.

He is the founder and Director of Bisi Alimi Foundation. In 2005, he founded The Initiative for Equal Rights and in 2012, was a founding member of Kaleidoscope Trust in the UK. Bisi has written many controversial opinion pieces including; “Men cant be Feminist”, “I am no longer talking to Black Africans about Race”, “Why It’s So Dangerous To Pretend That Racism Doesn’t Exist” and many others. “The Development Cost of Homophobia” is his most successful article that was translated into over 15 languages globally.  In 2004, he came out as gay on national television in Nigeria making him the first ever Nigeria LGBT person to do so.  Bisi has appeared on international TV stations as a social and political pundit, including, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and CCTV, and outlets like NPR and the Washington Post has profiled him.

His TEDx talk, “There should never be another Ibrahim” has been listed as one of the 14 most inspiring QUEER TEDtalk of all time. Alimi gave the closing speech at the Daily Beast event hosted at the New York Public Library titled, “I am Bisi Alimi and I am not a victim.” He is currently working on his memoir “The Boy from Mushin” with a full length film launching next year. He lives in London with his husband.