Ali Berryman

Global Head of Fraud Operations


Ali Berryman is Global Head of Fraud Operations at Barclays. Ali has been with Barclays for 10 years and prior to joining held various senior positions with Morgan Stanley Credit Cards across Customer Management, Digital and Acquisition functions.  She started her banking career at Lloyds Bank in 1996.

In her roles she has driven strong performance through business collaboration, simplification and driving great customer experience across all channels.  She is very focused on engaging colleagues and ensuring that performance is delivered in a sustainable and controlled way.

Ali is an Ambassador for the Barclays' Spectrum network, and is a key driver of the diversity and inclusion strategy, for the global COO organisation across Barclays.

Ali was recently featured on the Pride Power list, she has also featured on the OUTStanding List of Leading LGBT Executives, is a trustee of Diversity Role Models, and an LBWomen Role Model.  

Ali has two children aged 10 and 7, the eldest nearly now as tall as she is, and loves many sports with field hockey being the main passion.